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Healthcare Breakthrough

AI’s game-changing prescription


“We’re not simply able to build more hospitals to face up to rising healthcare demands”

- Luke Baxby, Deloitte Lead Healthcare Partner

The Australian healthcare system is under enormous strain. With one in three Australians living with a long-term illness, a declining workforce and an aging population, new healthcare solutions are needed – and urgently. The current operating model requires disruption and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the game-changing solution.

In a new report, entitled Healthcare Breakthrough: AI’s Game-Changing Prescription, leading experts from Deloitte and Google Cloud make the case for the adoption of AI. The report highlights both the current impact on health outcomes and showcases the potential of AI to transform healthcare in Australia as we move towards a strong future in digital health.

AI is transforming and streamlining medical diagnostics, treatments, and patient care - offering vast potential to personalise medical experiences. Realising these benefits, however, requires collaboration between governments, regulators, healthcare professionals, and patients to jointly address issues like data privacy and ethical AI use.

“We’re not that far from a breaking point. Action is required now”

- Scott Thomson, Google Cloud, Head of Innovation, Customer Engineering

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