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Meet Maddison, Audit & Assurance Grad

Day in the life of a Deloitte Grad

Meet Maddison, an Audit & Assurance (A&A) Graduate in our Global & Middle Markets team. Her role regularly has her working from client offices across the city, keeping her on the go, and keeping things interesting.

Maddison completed a BA Commerce (Accounting) at Macquarie University.

Meet Maddison Turner, A&A Graduate in Western Sydney

Follow Maddison as she walks us through a day-in-the-life in one of our Audit & Assurance teams!  


The sound of my alarm goes off and I get ready to head off to the gym. I love working out every morning before work, it leaves me feeling clear-headed, energised, and ready to start my day. 

I go super early so I can also fit in a walk with my dog before work. This is when I listen to music/podcasts, scroll through social media, and enjoy my ‘me time’ before the working day begins.

Early morning walks

8:45 AM

I arrive to the office and head up to level 18. We can sit anywhere we like in the office  – I usually sit close to the team I am working with so we can easily have discussions throughout the day. You will definitely learn the most on the job through interactions with your team.

One of the pros of working in A&A is that we get to work in a lot of different places. When I am not working from the Deloitte office,  I am usually working from my client’s office. Anywhere from Parramatta, to Barangaroo, to The Hills, to Surry Hills – the clients I have are located all over Sydney, which keeps things interesting. While there’s always a new coffee spot to try out, being on client site also provides ample opportunity to learn about my clients, be involved in face to face meetings, and observe how they do business.

Getting setup at my desk for the day

8:50 AM

I make some breakfast in the kitchen, and then head back to my desk to check my emails, calendar, and prioritize my tasks for the day. 

9:30 AM

Time for the team status update. These status meetings are great for encouraging team accountability and giving context for the workday. We catchup as a team to go through where we are up to with our allocated tasks, our plan of action for the day, and raise anything that is blocking us from moving forward.

11:00 AM

Time for a coffee break. I make myself a coffee in the kitchen with our coffee machine.

D is for delicious!

12:30 PM

After a productive morning, I’ve worked up an appetite. Time to have a catch up with my  colleagues and friends over lunch.

Even though I almost always bring my lunch from home, I try to make time at lunch to get outside in the sunshine for a while. And going for a walk is a perfectly healthy excuse to go out for an ice-cream. 

Lunch in today

1:30 PM

I’m back from lunch and have a call scheduled with my client soon. Time to review the agenda and plan out the questions I will ask. Before the meeting, I like to re-confirm with the Senior Analyst to make sure I have addressed everything required.

I head to a meeting room to join the call. The client’s Financial Accountant addresses all the queries I had, and now I have all the information I need to continue with my work. 

Some quiet space to join a client call

3:30 PM

Quick catch up with one of my colleagues. We have a little bit of banter, chatting about our plans for the weekend as well as our exam coming up.

We are both currently studying for the Chartered Accountants (CA) program. Deloitte has a great CA support program that provides reference materials, training programs, mock exams, and study leave. The program has given me the opportunity to improve my skills and knowledge.  While it can be challenging, everyone around is extremely helpful and you will feel very supported. 

Afternoon catch-up

5:00 PM

I finish up the last few things I have on my to-do list for the day and start packing up. I try to leave work on time so that I have time to unwind when I get home and spend time with my loved ones. 


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