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Meet Renée, Director in Organisation Transformation

“I love the diversity of thought, the different perspectives and innovative ideas that people bring to the table to solve complex problems for our clients.”

Renée Judd, Director, Organisational Transformation

Share a bit about yourself, your role at Deloitte and the work you do?

I am passionate about three things: family, travel and making a difference. As a Director at Deloitte, I feel lucky that I can focus on all three of these things, and with great people who share my passion for going that extra mile to help our clients.

In my role, I specialise in delivering complex transformation and behavioural change programs for healthcare organisations. This can range from developing leader success profiles to implementing new digital healthcare services, developing a genomics translation framework or supporting clients to respond to the Coronavirus pandemic. The opportunities to help my clients are endless.  There is so much variety. This coupled with the fact that I am able to work in an industry that is so important, makes my role that much more rewarding. 

I started my career with Deloitte as an experienced hire in London. One of the great things about Deloitte is the opportunity to live and work overseas, and I’m fortunate that I was able to continue working for Deloitte as part of my transition back home to Australia.

Why did you join Deloitte, and what has surprised you since working here?

I joined Deloitte for the opportunity to support healthcare organisations to implement impactful change by improving services, workforce and patient experiences to deliver high quality, safe patient care. Our clients engage us to support them in tackling some of the most challenging, pressing issues. We, our families and friends, will all utilise healthcare services at one point or another, and I love that I get to be part of making health great.

Having worked for public sector organisations, I had a preconceived view that Deloitte would only focus on private sector, profit-making clients. I remember being interviewed by one of the public sector partners who showed real passion and enthusiasm and a genuine interest in my story and how as a firm, there was a real commitment and dedication to making an impact that matters for our healthcare clients. This really resonated with me - it made me excited to join the firm, knowing that people shared my passion and commitment. And this partner is still one of my mentors to this day. 

What makes Deloitte a rewarding and inspiring place to work?

The people – it’s collaborative, and everyone has a voice. I love the diversity of thought, the different perspectives and innovative ideas that people bring to the table to solve complex problems. You are given the tools and the support to develop your career at Deloitte. I have been fortunate enough to have worked with some fantastic leaders and have a pool of mentors and coaches that I regularly draw upon to support my career.

What piece of advice would you give to someone starting out in their career?

There's more than one pathway to success. You don't necessarily need to follow a cookie-cutter career path. Experience as much as you can and see where that leads you. I’ve had a very unconventional career path, and I wouldn't change a thing! The experiences that I've had have shaped me to be the leader I am today. I take great pride in the fact that I have worked with and for healthcare organisations, as I believe that has given me a much richer and deeper appreciation for the challenges they face.