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6 tips for getting back into the workplace after a career break

Meet our Return To Work Program ambassadors, as they share their advice and tips on how to successfully get back into the workplace following a career break.

1. Your career break doesn’t define you - “if you are considering applying for the Return To Work Program, definitely give it a go. It’s been quite a ride and a life-changing experience for me, for which I am very grateful for the opportunity. Also, going through the program with a group is really special. Our group of 6 is still in close contact with one another and we have this remarkable shared experience”.  Jessica Cooper, 2017 Return To Work Program

2. Don’t hesitate, you’ve got nothing to lose - “it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been out - you still have the same skills and capability. The only thing you lose is confidence. You can regain this quickly. Deloitte’s training and resources are at your fingertips so if you find a gap in your knowledge you can quickly get up to speed and on track as to help settle back in”. Catherine Hocking, 2018 Return To Work Program

3. Take that first step - “consider your interview responses and put forward an honest and positive representation of yourself and your experience and why you think you would be a good cultural fit at Deloitte. I never imagined that I would be successful in my application, I really didn’t. But here I am, three years later and so happy that I took that first step and put my application in and that I’ve been able to have the experiences that I’ve had. I have learnt so much and have met lots of great people along the way”. Libby Low, 2017 Return To Work Program

4. Be prepared to be challenged – “don’t give up, keep working at it. It is not easy, but perseverance is well rewarded”. Patrick Flanagan, 2017 Return To Work Program

5. Have confidence in yourself - “it’s a great opportunity to develop your career or try a new path, while achieving flexibility. Also, the program provides a gentle and gradual reintroduction to work, which was very helpful at the time”. Sanchia Stafford-Gaffney, 2018 Return To Work Program

6. Bring an open mind - “come with an open mind and a readiness to explore different things and learn new skills, even if that means starting from scratch. I have a big cohort of millennials in my team and initially, I found their digital knowledge intimidating. Now I ask loads of questions and find them a massive source of inspiration”. Charmian Grove, 2018 Return To Work Program


Designed to provide you with the support you need to return to work after an 18 month+ career break. Whether you put your career on hold to care for your family, your health or other personal reasons – this is your opportunity to re-enter the workforce with us here at Deloitte. 

As part of the 20-week program, we'll start you off with a two-week induction. Following this, you'll get to shadow your colleagues on client engagements within your business area. As you progress through the program, you'll be transitioned to work on projects. 

Your work-week is between Monday to Thursday. We understand you still have commitments outside of work, so we've created a flexible work schedule for you.