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Media & Entertainment Consumer Insights 2023

12th edition

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The way we consume media and entertainment is evolving. Fast. What was once a handful of choices is unfolding into millions of them as we divide our limited time between countless devices, platforms, formats and content types. It's not just about what we consume, but how, when and even why we consume it.

The 12th edition of our Media & Entertainment Consumer Insights untangles this complex web, serving deep insights from a survey of more than 2000 Australians across five generations. Their responses tell a compelling story - the more intricate it becomes, the more important it is for consumers and producers to understand it.

Download this year’s edition to explore:​

  • The evolving dynamics of how consumers spend time across content types and platforms ​
  • The rising complexity in media relationships and its implications for consumer experiences ​
  • The onset of next-generation technologies and their potential to transform media consumption ​
  • The undying allure of sports and how they continue to shape our media experiences

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