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Telecommunications, Media & Entertainment

The proliferation of mobile devices, wireless connectivity and new media platforms is driving convergence among telco, media and entertainment companies. Deloitte’s breadth of knowledge across this evolving landscape can help clients understand trends and identify opportunities to spark new growth.

Delivering what is new and next

Streaming, wireless, connectivity, games, ads and traditional TV. Metaverse, Wi-Fi 6, NFTs, esports, cybersecurity and 5G. We can help you understand what is next in the Telecommunications, Media & Entertainment industry and its rapidly changing ecosystem.

Fast changes are a given in these sectors—TM&E may continue to evolve quickly, not only reckoning with ongoing trends and disruptions within the industry, but also in its continued response to COVID-19 pandemic-led behavioural changes. The secret is knowing how to face the opportunities and challenges presented by this dynamic and competitive environment.

At Deloitte, we can help you identify and take strategic advantage of the trends that best serve your business, by driving transformation through the key pillars of Climate Change & Sustainability, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Digitisation and Supply Chain.