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Deloitte Anaplan Financial Services Industry Program

Accelerate Finance in the Digital World

Retail Banking

Digital transformation challenges in retail banking

For the last few years, retail and consumer banking distribution networks have been significantly evolving. The recent sanitary crisis reinforced this trend and banks have accelerated their digital transformation efforts to adapt to changing customer demand while ensuring continuity of operations and optimising costs. Some key priorities are born from this unprecedented situation:

  • The adoption of a ‘digital-first strategy’ to sell products or provide services to customers
  • The future of the workforce and required skills
  • The resizing and repurposing of the branch network
  • The resource optimisation across distribution channels.

Banking and Capital Markets

The world is changing faster than ever before and this volatility has rocked the world on its very axis, pushing individuals, organisations, and countries into unprecedented action. Deloitte and Anaplan have been working with global experts, customers, and partners to understand how these sectors have been impacted by global economic climate change, and how organisations are navigating their way through adapted planning processes to support business resiliency.Business planning has made great strides in recent years, supported by technology that’s grown ever more sophisticated. Customer relationship management software lets you create sales plans that consider nearly any potential customer interaction. Workforce and Supply chain planning tools help pinpoint where and when resources are needed across complex and highly regulated networks. Digital finance platforms enable financial analysts to spot trends, model changes, and forecast P&Ls with increasing accuracy.

Navigating uncertainty in the banking and capital markets

The banking sector is the cornerstone of economic stability and growth. Ensuring operational resilience in challenging times will allow economies to recover and rebound. Demonstrating agile scenario modelling, up to-daily reforecasting and effective decision-making will be fundamental going forward. 

This eBook shares top points to guide banking and capital market leaders through a truly disruptive future:

  • What are the most pressing challenges facing CFOs in the banking sector?
  • What should CFOs do practically to help banks navigate future uncertainties? 
  • What are the top capabilities CFOs need from business finance technology solutions to support banking customers?

    Download the report here.
    View the webinar to find out more.

Transforming finance and operations in insurance

This is no doubt a very challenging period for the insurance industry. Changes to our global economic climate has increased life and disability issues and small businesses are filing business insurance claims that could never have been foreseen by insurance carriers. Insurance operating models are under stress as teams work from home, financial advisors no longer meet customers face-to-face, and contact centres are experiencing high peaks in activity. On top of that, priorities such as IFRS 17 and digital transformation need strategic airtime from leaders.

In this e-book, Deloitte and Anaplan have been collaborating with global insurance experts in Asia-Pacific to understand: 

  • How the pandemic has affected their operating model and digital transformation programs.
  • How finance and operations are revisiting priorities and adapting their planning and performance management processes. 
  • How modern planning technology can help navigate current uncertainties and support resiliency.

Download the eBook here.
View the webinar to find out more.


Deloitte’s IFRS17 solution helps insurers comply with the new standard and unlocks additional business value with a comprehensive set of functionalities to address contract service margin calculations, planning, budgeting, cost allocations, management information, reporting, and disclosures.

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In a world of IFRS 17 the Life Insurance business planning needs a collaborative budgeting and forward-looking forecasting activities. Some of the key elements that needs looking after are: Collaborate among various teams, including Underwriting, Investment, Finance, and Management, in the process of planning, budgeting and forecasting; and leveraging actuarial model outputs and profiles to simulate cash flow projections and stacking for in-force and new business insurance contracts.

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