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Building Vibrant Precincts

Vibrant precincts keep people at their heart.

Infrastructure has a pivotal role to play in shaping the Australia of tomorrow and improving the quality of life and wellbeing of communities today. Building vibrant precincts is a win-win. It enhances the socio-economic outcomes of a place while delivering more coordinated investments with higher returns.

Successful precincts cannot be built overnight or without a shared vision across stakeholders. This requires a strong understanding of the needs of the community, businesses, investors and consumers. The community are the champions of a place. A shared vision with a clear identity and brand can activate a place and create a strong sense of belonging. 

Part of the challenge is quantifying social benefits and agreeing on a consistent framework to measure outcomes across different types of precincts. The Community Vibrancy Framework, presented in this report, provides a solution. It sets out three key pillars – Access, Belonging and Connectedness – to provide a people-centered and holistic approach to precinct planning. Each of the nine factors presented within these pillars provides practical guidance for setting measures that support inclusive communities and vibrant precincts. 

We all know building vibrant precincts is a win-win: it enhances the socio-economic benefits of a place while delivering more coordinated investment and higher returns. But there is clearly more work to be done to measure these outcomes. It is critical that we adopt consistent approaches and continue to evolve the thinking on quantifying these social benefits.

In doing so, we can ensure more informed and robust investments are undertaken to build diverse places that deliver both social and economic returns. 

By starting with this end in mind, we can build better communities and more vibrant places for us all to enjoy.

Building Vibrant Precincts : Download the report

Community Vibrancy Framework

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