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The great eight: pressing issues impacting Australia’s health and wellbeing providers

Cloud enabled transformation can help Australian health and wellbeing providers tackle eight pressing issues and lay a foundation for differentiation.

The healthcare landscape changes every day. Some of those changes can be anticipated, but others cannot. As demonstrated by pandemic related disruption, health and wellbeing providers increasingly need to equip their people with the insights and capabilities necessary to continuously adapt.This report examines “the great eight” pressing issues impacting Australia’s health and wellbeing providers and how adopting a modern cloud-based ERP solution, such as Workday, can help to alleviate them—all while creating a differentiated healthcare experience and producing better outcomes.

The great eight:pressing issues impacting Australia's health and wellbeing providers

The Great eight

Today, many organisations are evolving their architectures to emphasise enterprise-wide integration and agility across departments, functions and locations. 

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