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Build lasting success and embed improvements in performance across your business.

The Motor Industry Services training team offer capability development programs for all motor industry personnel - from front-line dealership personnel, to dealer leaders, through to corporate teams at the manufacturer level - covering the skills you need to manage all areas of your business – operational, financial, and human-centred.

Lift the skill-levels and performance of your team

ProfitFocus™ is the home of motor industry capability development. For the last 25 years we have worked closely with the industry to help dealers and franchises realise their goals and aspirations. The ProfitFocus™ team is not only made up of experienced learning and development consultants, but also industry experts with hands-on knowledge of the real-world considerations of managing dealership performance. We partner with organisations, teams, and individuals to identify their most significant challenges and generate solutions to help address them.

All elements of ProfitFocus™ talent development programmes are underpinned by two crucial foundations: deep motor industry expertise and best practice approaches to adult learning. Our consultants include former industry Executives, Dealer Owners, Dealer Principals, and General Managers, with proven track records in the motor industry. Our solutions draw on the deep industry expertise of this team to ensure the content is practical, relevant and effective. More than that, the ProfitFocus™ team includes Learning and Development specialists to ensure the delivery of our programmes is built upon best practice in adult learning. The learning approach for individuals is "just in time", which allows immediate application in the workplace to maximise learning uptake, backed by follow up mechanisms to ensure performance improvements are sustained over time.

Our Approach

We believe in delivering solutions that work best for your business. Whether you need a tailored training solution carefully designed to help your business achieve its own unique set of goals, or a flexible set of public training courses that you can easily adapt to meet the development needs of your team, ProfitFocus™ has a programme that will work for you.

Our tailored training solutions are designed to help you achieve the goals you have for your business.

We work with you to understand the situation your business is facing, using data-driven insights to get to the heart of the issues and identify the skill or performance gaps that need to be addressed to allow your business to reach its potential.

ProfitFocus™ will then tailor a solution with you that works within the context of your business, taking into account the skills your team has today, the skills they need to be successful tomorrow and the operational and cultural environment of your organisation. The ProfitFocus™ team has extensive experience in adapting solutions to suit individual dealers, dealership groups and manufacturers across various roles - from frontline dealership personnel through to corporate teams at the manufacturer level.

While every tailored solution varies, a typical program may include:

Pre-training assessment

Pre-training assessments are used to establish the current skill and knowledge level of individual team members. These can take the form of online tests, competency assessments by the participant’s manager, case studies or a review of dealership performance via ProfitFocus™ reports. Results from assessments are used to define the development path for an individual and/or define the content of a training program.

Flexible delivery

We understand that taking your team out of the business is an investment, so we not only tailor the content of our training solutions for you, but also the way they are delivered. Whether it is a workshop (at Deloitte offices or on-site in your business), online training or even train-the-trainer programmes (aimed at cascading knowledge gradually within your team) our aim is to optimise the learning and business impact of your professional development programme while minimising the disruption to your workplace.


We often use one-on-one or group coaching sessions following a workshop to assist in the implementation of strategy or action plans. Held at your workplace, these sessions not only ensure the training has a more immediate impact on your business, but also help your team to consolidate and retain what they have learned.

Work-based projects

Similar to Coaching, Work-based projects are used after training to consolidate the learning and to assist with the implementation of learning into the workplace. They can be used to specifically ensure the training has a quick benefit for your business or as a tool in assessing the impact the training has on your team.

Post-training assessment

To ensure the solution we design for you is having the result that you want, we use post-training assessments to confirm knowledge acquisition, the transfer of learning to the workplace, the business impact of the learning and the possible need for follow up coaching or further development.

We realise that your business is unique, so let us tailor a solution that works for you.

ProfitFocus™ Academy of Excellence (AoE) offers a variety of publicly held workshops for the frontline, senior and executive management within your dealerships.

Our courses are run by content experts with extensive expertise across all aspects of the retail motor industry. Topics include:

  • How do Dealerships make money?
  • How does each Department contribute to Dealership profitability?
  • What drives improved Dealership performance?
  • Who is accountable?
  • What are the roadblocks affecting Dealership performance?

These questions are the focus of the Deloitte Academy of Excellence training program. The AoE is a development program, designed to develop participant’s knowledge on best practice dealership operations.

Course Outcomes

Practical solutions to improve processes, productivity and efficiency of staff, and increase the bottom line using proven measurable ideas which can be implemented in dealerships immediately. Successful methods and techniques enabling participants to:

  • Improve their overall management, business development and communication skills
  • Improve the results of their operation by working on their own data and KPIs.
  • Optimise customer relationships and improve customer retention strategies
  • More effectively use people, systems, processes, time, facilities and resources to maximise productivity and returns.

Course Length

The virtual Academy of Excellence training is a 4 day program split into 8 virtual sessions using Zoom. The course is structured with a 2.5 hour session in the morning, followed by a 2.5 hour session in the afternoon.  There will also be a short break in the middle of each session (approx. 1 hour, 15 min mark).

What else is included?

  • 4 day course led by our industry and subject matter experts
  • Comprehensive course material folder, including practical planning templates
  • Real-world, actionable case studies, using average dealership data from ProfitFocus™
  • Certificate of completion

Useful Deliverables

Participants will receive a Dealership Financial Modelling Tool and templates including calculators ideal for investigating and improving current dealership performance.