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Karthik Ramachandran

CLOUD has become the primary location for businesses to store data; most have moved even their applications to cloud platforms, and many of those businesses that have their data on-premise today are soon planning to migrate to cloud. Companies across industries are modernizing their data platforms to leverage new-age applications and advanced analytics at the same time as they are moving their data to cloud. Indeed, a Deloitte study suggests that cloud and data modernization are highly interrelated and actually reinforce each other.1

  1. Tom Davenport, Ashish Verma, and David Linthicum, Data modernization and the cloud, Deloitte Insights, August 26, 2019. The survey was conducted in April 2019, covering 504 respondents in the United States at companies with annual revenues in excess of US$500 million. Some 46 percent of the respondents were C-suite executives, 30 percent were senior executives/head of business units, and 24 percent were managers/programmers. Respondents were involved in or making decisions about cloud and/or data management activities and issues, and worked within a technology-related function.

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  2. Mike Wyatt, David Mapgaonkar, and David Jarvis, Rediscovering your identity, Deloitte Insights, November 11, 2019; Tech 21 Century, “The 5 best cloud security solutions in 2019–2020.”

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  3. Tom Davenport et al., Data modernization and the cloud, Deloitte Insights, August 26, 2019. 

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