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Legal Management Consulting

Transformation through innovation

General Counsel faces increasing pressure to address current and future business challenges, and manage a complex regulatory landscape. The stakes grow and expectations increase, yet resources remain limited. Deloitte Legal can help.

Solutions for complex global challenges

Legal Management Consulting (LMC) services were developed by lawyers in collaboration with specialists from practice areas such as mainstream management consultancy, risk advisory, and tax management consulting.

LMC is a collection of models, frameworks, and systems, designed to help in-house lawyers run their departments more efficiently, and meet their business needs.

We apply years of management and consulting experience to the legal function, focusing on operating models, technology, work-sourcing, and cost management.



Deloitte Legal means the legal practices of DTTL member firms, their affiliates or their related entities that provide legal services. The exact nature of these relationships and provision of legal services differs by jurisdiction, to allow compliance with local laws and professional regulations. Each Deloitte Legal practice is legally separate and independent, and cannot obligate any other Deloitte Legal practice. Each  Deloitte Legal practice is liable only for its own acts and omissions, and not those of other Deloitte Legal practices. For legal, regulatory and other reasons, not all member firms, their affiliates or their related entities provide legal services or are associated with Deloitte Legal practices.

Explore Legal Management Consulting services

Legal Operating Model

Mergers or a change in business strategy can force a change in operating model. We can help with large-scale transformations or with assessments of particular areas.

Legal Process

Deloitte Legal can help you evaluate or reconfigure your internal legal processes, from contract management, to setting protocols, or managing litigation. 

Legal Risk & Matter Management

When legal risk is not clearly identified, it can create bottlenecks. We can help through current-state risk-management assessment, gap analysis, and development of a roadmap to close the gaps.

Legal Sourcing

Deloitte Legal can help General Counsel build a model that can accomplish more with less, by balancing in-house resources with technology and external services providers.

Legal Technology

Technology has transformed the way legal services are provided. Deloitte Legal can help you and your teams choose and implement the technology that works for you.

Legal Labs

We use a tested set of principles that combines behavioral science, analytics, technology, and facilitation to break through roadblocks, such as groupthink, to help you succeed.

Deloitte Legal Around the World

Deloitte Legal practices provide holistic guidance on strategic business decisions, offering cost-effective support for routine legal activities. Search key contacts by solution, industry, and country.

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