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UpLink is the open innovation platform of the World Economic Forum. Launched at Davos in 2020 in partnership with Deloitte and Salesforce, it brings together entrepreneurs and experts to source ideas and innovations in support of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

The digital platform hosts more than 35,000 registered users and 2,600 solutions from entrepreneurs from all over the world. UpLink seeks to support and scale the venture of selected Top Innovators to accelerate their impact in advancing the sustainable development agenda.

UpLink Digital platform powered by Deloitte and Salesforce

UpLink’s mission is to support impact entrepreneurs by helping scale their ventures. The platform facilitates the exchange of experiences and information. It also enables all parties to promote, support and finance sustainable development initiatives.

Meet some of our Top Innovators

One of UpLink’s goals is to identify solutions with the most potential for scaling and impact. Over 180 of these solutions have been recognised as Top Innovators, an accolade that brings with it further opportunities for investment, publicity and mentorship. The platform facilitates connections to investors, entrepreneurs and experts, who can support and scale their activities.

WorldClass Education Challenge

The WorldClass Education Challenge is a joint initiative of Deloitte and the World Economic Forum using the UpLink platform to advance solutions that will support access to quality education for more of the world’s students.

“UpLink has connected us to dozens of corporate partners that are interested in catalysing the circular economy and provided us with support and advice to scale bigger, faster and stronger”

Collective Impact of Top Innovators

39 million+

tons of greenhouse gases captured


species have been enabled to return to their original habitat


tons of waste were removed


square kilometers of habitats were put under protection


individuals were successfully trained and educated


people were given access to electricity

2 million

people for access to sustainable food

2.7 million

people were provided access to safe drinking

122 million

people have improved the health 


people recieved increased wages


jobs created


jobs within minority communities

17 Sustainable Development Goals

View the United Nations’ sustainable development goals

The UN has set 17 Sustainable Development Goals to respond to the world’s most pressing environmental, economic, and social problems. They range from reducing greenhouse gas emissions, restoring and protecting natural habitats, to creating jobs and raising living standards. Since joining UpLink, the Top Innovators have scaled and made a measurable impact addressing these key challenges.