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GovConnectTM Grants Management

Streamlining all stages of grant management for organisations and grantees.

The grants management process can be extensive and overwhelming. Tracking funds. Meeting deadlines. Creating reports. Compliance.Anyone working in public sector grants management understands the complexities — especially if they’re working with manual and disparate systems and processes.

The challenges of managing the grant life cycle

Many public sector entities at all levels of government face similar challenges with grants management. Paperwork and manual systems can become unmanageable quickly. Bottlenecks, coordination issues, complying with rules and regulations, and inconsistent reporting are a few of the challenges that burden staff members involved in the grants management process.

Not every organisation does grants management the same way. Public sector grants management can require highly complex and specialised workflows that support each phase of the grants life cycle. Standardising and optimising the various processes can be incredibly difficult for grants organisations.

A new solution

GovConnectTM  Grants Management is a Salesforce-based centralised entry point and collaboration platform for grant customers and Government staff. GovConnect supports each phase of the grant life cycle using a common resource and framework, while also accommodating the uniqueness required by the various organisations and programs governing the grant regulation. 

GovConnect Grants Management’s framework is flexible and can administer grants for housing, infrastructure, education, health care and more.

Create and adapt quickly

Grant organisations can easily create and define key components of their programs including eligibility, funding, applications, application reviews, award and post award processes through configuration, not extensive code development.

Reducing the burden of manual processes

Instead of completing tasks in disconnected spreadsheets, buried emails and siloed software, GovConnectTM Grants Management improves efficiencies through centralised tracking and automated workflow for all grant management activities. The solution also provides the ability to seamlessly integrate robust geographic information system (GIS) capabilities. This enables the collection of geographic and demographic data points during the application process which informs the application review.

Increase transparency

GovConnectTM Grants Management features customisable customer portals to increase visibility into grants programmes. Applicants can check eligibility, apply, communicate with the grantor, and report progress through a secure self-service Grantee portal.

Improve decision making

GovConnectTM Grants Management allows for program staff to track budgets, obligations and spend across programs and funding rounds using built-in reports and dashboards.