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SAP accelerators and solutions

Take your toughest industry- or business-specific challenge. Now pull together all the most powerful capabilities SAP has to offer, in one laser-focussed solution. That’s what Deloitte’s SAP-based preconfigured solutions are all about.

What if you could cherry-pick all the SAP capabilities you needed to take on your toughest business challenges?

With Deloitte’s network of member firms’ growing set of SAP-based preconfigured solutions, that’s exactly what you have an opportunity to do. The result? Highly targeted SAP solutions that you can drop into your business today to start generating results quickly.

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    Accelerate, sustain and increase the impact of transformation

    You have plenty of options when it comes to SAP partners who can help you get the most from your SAP® investments—to help position your business for the evolving digital economy. Read the article to learn more.

    Our Services

    Discover how oil, gas, and chemical companies can transform in ways that matter most to the business—leveraging an intelligent, built-to-evolve SAP S/4HANA platform that supports new insights, efficiencies, innovation, and growth.

    Make the future of work a reality in your organization – fast. Deloitte’s HR FastForward puts your SAP SuccessFactors initiative on the fast track, using experience-tested technologies and processes to take on the most time- and resource-intensive aspects of implementation so your team can focus on what matters most – and achieve real business outcomes faster.

    Achieving maximum impact and value from investments in finance, supply chain, and IT operations requires a holistic view of key business functions from strategy through process design and technology enablement.

    With years of SAP experience, Deloitte's network of member firms offers up critical know-how and lessons that can guide power and utility companies toward more efficient operations.

    Human capital management

    Deloitte’s HR FastForward offering is designed to facilitate and accelerate SAP HCM/SuccessFactors initiatives as part of an organization’s HR Transformation goals. It helps clients realize their value and benefits sooner and help improve total ROI. This service offering draws on the latest elements of SAP HCM and SuccessFactors, together with our extensive industry and functional knowledge to provide a comprehensive, cost-effective, cloud and on-premise, business-led HCM solution.