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Deloitte’s Fast Energy Solution

The platform helping energy companies to succeed in tomorrow’s world

Deloitte’s FastEnergy solution, created for B2C and B2B sales and services teams within the energy industry, is designed to accelerate your customer success. It provides a single platform for your multichannel customer interactions and customer management processes, supported by powerful insight and predicative tools.

The imperative for customer focus continues to build in the energy sector

Energy companies have for many years been refocusing from asset management to customer management. However a number of factors, continue to disrupt the energy sector, driven by advances in technology, society and regulation.

The industry is responding to these factors, shifting focus from commodity energy supply to provision of services and solutions for homes and businesses. In these new markets utilities face new competitors – and the winners will be those who use data and insight to differentiate their offerings.

The future of the energy sector may not be certain, but it is increasingly clear that those companies who are agile, understand their customers and enable their people to be effective will gain competitive advantage.

Deloitte FastEnergy – the pre-built solution for future energy retail

Deloitte has created FastEnergy for B2C and B2B energy companies, a pre-configured solution built on the Salesforce platform that integrates with wider industry solutions, such as billing and industry process management. The solution can be tailored and scaled to the specific needs of individual energy companies, large or small. Deloitte’s experience with Salesforce and knowledge of the energy industry combine in FastEnergy, to deliver market-leading capabilities, out of the box.

FastEnergy provides you with a 360° view of your customer, and includes CPQ (configure, price, quote), customer portal, marketing automation and business intelligence tools highlighting opportunities and allowing cross-selling alongside providing your people with the tools they deserve.

For more details, download the FastEnergy brochure.

Business benefits

  • Increased speed to market for new propositions and offers
  • Increase revenue streams of sales and service reps (spending less time on administration) results in more visits per day and time optimisation
  • Generate more opportunities and leads through an increase of proactive sales follow-up and coaching capabilities of sales reps
  • Reduce customer churn through improved customer service and closer collaboration with customers 
  • Reduction of sales and service costs through an overall efficiency 
  • Increase partner loyalty through more integrated collaboration with partners on deals and service requests (dealers, agents, etc.)
  • Through our pre-configured solutuion and pre-built integration, the latest technical capabilities and best practice processes can be quickly adopted by the business. Enabling a focus on realising business outcomes and benefits from day 1, rather than solution configuration