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2023 Deloitte Human Capital Trends | Namibian Summary | Charting a new path-Cocreate the relationship

New Fundamentals for a Boundaryless World

Charting a new path-Cocreate the relationship

In the Deloitte 2023 Global Human Capital Trends survey, organisations with higher worker involvement in designing and implementing organisational change were more likely to experience positive outcomes. To be successful organisations and workers will need to learn to navigate this new world together and abandon former illustrations of complete control and recognise the role they play in living, evolving ecosystems.

These new ownership models require a large shift from how many work today, so it’s no surprise that organizations were least ready to address trends that require cocreation with workers. According to the Namibian data, only 25% of organizations said they’re very ready for data ownership, 13% for worker agency, and 25% for workforce ecosystems. This readiness gap will be critical to overcome for organizations to capitalize on the innovation and improved individual, business, and societal results these trends could drive.

In this summary we share how Namibian organisations are responding to the new trends.

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