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Addressing the financial impact of COVID-19

The pandemic is significantly affecting our domestic companies and is having a knock-down effect on the economy especially on the vulnerable sectors: airline, hospitality and SME.

Whilst the local population has awakened to the potential risks of COVID-19, our companies are yet to assess the full impact for businesses and the set of immediate challenges ahead in terms of near-term cash management, work force planning and supply-chain stabilisation.

How can Deloitte assist you?

Deloitte’s COVID-19 restructuring and corporate finance emergency team has geared up to assist companies to navigate this crisis.

Deloitte is providing speedy red-flag reports that address the pain points of companies to assist financial institutions to take prompt credit solutions for their clients. We are also helping companies in working out cost-cutting strategies to ensure they have sufficient liquidity to weather the storm.

Our brochure provides an insight into how we propose to address the financial impact of COVID-19.