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ESG Real Estate Insights

ESG has moved to the top of the agenda in the real estate sector

Undoubtedly, ESG and sustainable investing are at the top of the agenda in the financial industry. The impact on real estate players is significant and multi-faceted, ranging from regulatory and tax topics to strategic planning and operational decisions. A year ago, some of these aspects were still up in the air; the pandemic has accelerated developments and provides a need to act.

ESG now holds a key role in strategy and daily operations. To remain successful, organisations must incorporate ESG factors in their strategic decision-making, transformation, reporting and assurance.

This publication, Creating sustainable value: Real Estate and ESG highlights key ESG topics for the real estate industry. There are ten articles included, each on a different topic:

  1. Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) in the real estate industry
  2. European Green Deal: What’s in there for real estate companies?
  3. Real estate investment management in the light of ESG
  4. Deriving business value from a sustainable tax governance
  5. ESG data management in the real estate industry
  6. RE-thinking Due Diligence – ESG impact on M&A
  7. ESG as real estate value driver
  8. ESG criteria in real estate
  9. Green Leases – In the ESG context
  10. Decarbonisation of real estate

With contributions from Deloitte member firms around the world, we offer a global perspective on the impact of ESG on real estate.

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