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Students and graduates

What impact will you make?

We are an international company operating in over 150 countries across the world. We are a professional provider of audit, tax, legal and advisory services (comprising, among others, the energy sector, banking, IT or marketing). Globally, Deloitte has more than 220 thousand employees.

Why Deloitte?


Flexibility – The possibility of planning your own time is of vital importance, which is why we are open to personal requirements and preferences.
Development and learning – We have a great number of courses on various topics at our disposal. However, development is at its most intensive when working directly on projects.
Know-how – We have numerous experts that cover a range of sectors from finance to law and technologies. At Deloitte, you can learn from the best in class.
Career growth – Evaluation and promotion occurs regularly on an annual basis. In certain areas, the process is more frequent with talented employees.
Informal culture – Being on first-name terms and taking part in after-hours informal activities are a matter of fact for a friendly atmosphere. In doing so, we break down barriers, making cooperation even more effective and efficient.


Functions that you can join


Throughout the year, students and graduates most frequently join one of the following five functions: 

Audit & Assurance
An auditor is a bit of a financial detective. They do fieldwork, which means they work at the actual premises of the client, to which they frequently travel and which they see a lot during the year. They start off by a detailed examination of the client’s business activities. Only then are they able to provide a quality assessment of the company’s financial situation as expected from Deloitte’s auditors. Afterwards, using various tests, they examine the risky areas of the company’s activities, comparing the results with the data presented in the financial statements. The last stage involves issuing an auditor’s opinion and a report for the company’s management and owners, highlighting not only the potential risks in the company’s activities but also various suggestions and opportunities for improving the business. 

Management and Technology Consulting is primarily about two things – projects and people. You will work for diverse companies facing various challenges. In order to tackle them, consultants form appropriate teams of experts from among their ranks. The entire process starts with the client explaining its problem. We go on to thoroughly analyse the present situation, identify the objectives and find the opportunities of how to best achieve them. Subsequently, the plan is modified in cooperation with the client until such time as the desired compromise is struck. That is when the project may actually be launched. The process is always similar; however, given how diverse the clients and challenges are, you will never do the same thing twice. 

We assist companies with specialised issues in the form of advisory or we assume part of their burden by having it fully outsourced to us. Every tax advisor has a certain area of focus in which they specialise and become experts. First, it is necessary to examine and gain the best possible understanding of the client’s business, without which it is difficult to give any advice. Only then do we proceed to assist the client in dealing with its operating and strategic tax issues. You may also find employment as a financial or payroll accountant as we have a team that fully outsources the client’s accounting. Lately, we have also been placing ever greater focus on developing our own software tools in order to manage our tasks better and with greater effectiveness and efficiency. 

Financial Advisory
Financial advisory focuses on mergers and acquisitions. As part of Deloitte’s team, you will work both for the owners selling their company and seeking investors, and the buyer, whether they strive to enter a new market, strengthen the actual business or operate as a Private Equity fund. You will have the opportunity to glimpse at how firms from among various sectors work, including energy, traffic, manufacturing, trade and health care. We have three teams, each of which plays their part in whether the transaction is successful or not. Some of the professionals specialise in the course of the project and dealing with the client, while others in due diligence or valuation and financial models. They do so not only in respect of transactions but also as expert witnesses. 

Legal Advisory
You may think that as Deloitte is mainly an audit firm its primary preoccupation will be audit and tax. That is a mistake though! We provide a wide range of services, with our legal office specialising in essentially all legislative areas except for criminal and family law. Not only are the legal regulations we employ at work diverse, but so are our legal services. Our work does not consist of merely copying paragraphs from legal codes. Solving a business assignment takes a highly creative approach and the ability to read between the lines of regulations. Ours is a legal office that solves complex cases for our clients that often require the cross-border involvement of multiple experts, including those outside the legal practice.

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