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Kinetic Finance Startup

Kinetic Finance Startup (KFS) delivers a simplified and improved finance transformation experience that can help propel your organisation’s journey to a Kinetic Enterprise. It uses digital automation to enable a rapid SAP S/4HANA Finance implementation that delivers better data quality, accelerates your timeline and ties up fewer business resources.

Fast-forward finance transformation

KFS uses digital automation to perform many of the manual tasks traditionally performed by humans during design and build phases - shaving months off an SAP financial transformation. The solution can automatically sift through, identify and analyse existing datasets that are important to your finance function. KFS can then automatically move, structure and configure that data to create a new environment aligned with SAP S/4HANA and SAP Central Finance. KFS can also automatically and intelligently transform your SAP security design and migrate roles from source system to S/4HANA using its Touchless Security feature.

Empower your people, see value sooner

With oversight and management tools that keep people in the loop at every step, KFS allows you to increase confidence, accuracy and speed as part of a “finance first” SAP S/4HANA transformation. Its ability to consume and understand the structure and the sources of your financial data—your ledgers, your charts of accounts and other finance-relevant information—means you can free up resources throughout your SAP S/4HANA journey. By helping you to reduce time spent on manual error-prone processes, KFS allows you to mitigate transformation risks and ultimately see business value sooner.

Deloitte Kinetic Finance Startup (KFS)

Deloitte Kinetic Finance Startup (KFS)

Let the machines do the heavy lifting

Kinetic Finance Startup can propel your organisation’s journey to becoming a Kinetic Enterprise by delivering a simplified and improved finance transformation experience.

Benefits of working with Deloitte

Kinetic Enterprise™ approach

Kinetic Finance Startup aligns with Deloitte’s holistic Kinetic Enterprise™ methodology—focused on enabling a built-to-evolve enterprise that can run flexibly, using a clean core, cloud, intelligent technologies and edge innovation. By helping you to incorporate the elements of the Kinetic Enterprise as part of a finance and SAP S/4HANA transformation, we help you to create a business and systems landscape that can support more effective operations and rapid innovation—so your organisation can respond flexibly to ongoing disruption and perpetually harness change to drive a competitive advantage.

Right tools to help you to move fast

Our industry-specific knowhow and proprietary transformation accelerators allow you to minimise risks, compress timelines and see a bigger impact with SAP solutions. Kinetic Finance Startup is just one example of the assets we bring to the SAP S/4HANA journey. To help you quickly launch additional capabilities, we leverage preconfigured solutions, including more than 60 industry cloud solutions and Kinetic Microservices. Leveraging the power of SAP Business Technology Platform and optimised for SAP S/4HANA environments, these solutions and Kinetic Microservices target specific business outcomes, such as Operations Agility and Intelligent Spend Management.

End-to-end capabilities

Deloitte brings more than three decades of experience collaborating and co-innovating with SAP as a leading global SAP partner. This experience—as well as our deep experience at the intersection of finance and digital enterprise transformation means we understand how to tap the power of SAP solutions to meet your organisations specific needs. We tailor our approach to where you are in your transformation journey and where you want to go.