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Deloitte Named a Leader in Worldwide Cybersecurity Risk Management Services by IDC MarketScape

NEW YORK, NY, USA, XX November 2023: Deloitte has been named a global Leader in the inaugural IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Cybersecurity Risk Management Services 2023 Vendor Assessment.

“We are honoured to be recognised as a global Leader in cybersecurity risk management services,” says Emily Mossburg, Deloitte Global Cyber leader and US Cyber Strategic Growth Offering leader. “As cyber has evolved to become foundational to business success, Deloitte works with organisations at all levels of cyber maturity to help build and sustain digital trust with their workforce, customers and ecosystems. Deloitte's business-led approach enables us to better align cyber to clients’ business strategy and outcomes they are looking to achieve, positioning clients to operate securely and grow successfully.”

According to IDC MarketScape, “Optimally, [cybersecurity risk management] services enable organisations to maintain a consistent level of awareness and protection, along with the flexibility to reprioritise, reassess and reconfigure their risk as well as detection and response tolerances and activities.” In addition, “The goal should be for any organisation to engage a [cybersecurity risk management] services provider that can establish a complete programme from beginning to end with cybersecurity teams, IT and the business and executive management all being aligned as to how this new programme will contribute to adding value to the business and ultimately aiding the organisation in demonstrating that its brand, services, products and so forth are trusted.” 

“Deloitte helps clients navigate increased complexity, changing business environments and regulatory requirements so they can make informed decisions on cyber investments and continue to evolve, improving execution, transforming how they operate and modernising,” says Matte Holt, Deloitte Global Cyber Strategy & Transformation leader. “In having a deep understanding of our clients operating environments, through our industry specialisation and multi-disciplinary model, Deloitte is uniquely positioned to work with board, c-suite and business unit stakeholders to make cyber a strategic enabler for their organisations.”

Additional report findings: 
  • “Deloitte has strong brand recognition as one of the Big Four accounting firms, which has established the company as a trusted and respected brand in the industry. This recognition attracts clients, talent and partners, giving the firm a competitive edge.”  
  • “Deloitte’s approach to cybersecurity can be summed up as helping secure success for organisations by positioning cyber as a strategic business enabler, balancing the needs of protection and enablement for the enterprise.”
  • “Key differentiators for Deloitte include being business-led and outcome driven, drawing upon multi-disciplinary DNA across all of Deloitte, possessing a talent pool that is both diverse and specialised and bringing innovation that adds value to the delivered outcomes.”
  • “For [cybersecurity risk management] programmes, Deloitte either engages clients as part of a larger set of business transformation initiatives or as a stand-alone initiative for [cybersecurity risk management].”
  • “Deloitte maintains three global delivery centres, augmented by a network of in-region satellite delivery centres, for 24 x 7 x 365 delivery of cyber services and SaaS-based modular platform solutions such as MXDR by Deloitte and Digital Identity by Deloitte.”
  • “Its team of 250+ dedicated threat intelligence experts has a specialised focus on malware research, geopolitical insights, regional threat landscapes and threat actor groups and collaborates with proactive threat hunting, SOC monitoring, incident response and cyber strategy teams to develop customised, industry-specific intelligence, in addition to qualifying and contextualising third-party intelligence feeds.”
About IDC MarketScape

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