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Tax Controversy & Dispute Resolution

Tax regulations continue to grow in number and become increasingly complex. At the same time, tax authorities are deepening their scrutiny over taxpayers. Our Tax Controversy & Dispute Resolution team is here to help you navigate this more uncertain tax world before, during and after new challenges arise.

Your tax challenge

Tax authorities are focusing increasingly on implementation failure and motive – not just pure tax technical merit or analysis.

Information requests you receive after filing your Luxembourg tax returns should not be considered simple letters. Your response may have an impact on your future tax assessment, and any potential tax dispute may be fed by information you share. This is also true for requests received from the Luxembourg tax authorities in the context of exchange of information with foreign tax authorities.

As taxpayers, you should also take care to review the Luxembourg tax assessment from the Luxembourg tax authorities. If the tax assessment diverges from your tax return position, you should determine, on a case-by-case basis, whether the position could be questionable on the merits and/or form.

How Deloitte can support you

The tax experts at Deloitte can support you when a tax dispute arises, but we would also like to help you avoid a tax dispute at all. From the way your organization approaches tax to your tax documentation management and interactions with the Luxembourg tax authorities, we can support you beforehand to mitigate risk of tax dispute. We successfully assist clients in each phase of the tax controversy life cycle:

The experience we can bring to you

Our Tax Controversy & Dispute Resolution team assists taxpayers facing this challenging tax environment. The diversified experience of our experts is combined to help our clients prevent, efficiently manage andresolve tax audits and disputes. Integrated in a worldwide network, our specialists not only focus on the Luxembourg aspects, but also integrate cross-border risks and impacts.

Contact our tax experts today to learn more about our Tax Controversy & Dispute resolution services.

Luxembourg’s pre-litigation and litigation procedural aspects for corporate taxpayers