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In order to keep up with this ever-changing financial and regulatory environment and provide tax authorities with all necessary information, Deloitte Luxembourg has developed a subsidiary named Deloitte Solutions. As a regulated entity with a support PSF status, Deloitte Solutions possesses technical capabilities to produce FATCA and CRS reports across different jurisdictions.

The regulatory reporting team, composed of experts benefiting from a wide range of competencies from tax to IT skills, is available to guide and assist our clients in order to comply with their QI, FATCA, and CRS obligations and is therefore ready to cater to your reporting needs.

Because QI, FATCA, and CRS can require very broad competencies, outsourcing offers great value to your FI. The services offered by Deloitte Solutions allow FIs to reduce their operational burden, which—when it comes to FATCA reporting and automatic exchange of information—is particularly heavy at the beginning of each year.

Outsourcing these activities allows the pooling of technical infrastructure and skills as well as the extension of a range of reports produced from a single set of customer data. As well as utilizing our extensive experience, Deloitte Solutions also benefits from a direct technical channel with the Administration des Contributions Directes to submit FATCA and CRS reports on behalf of our clients.

Deloitte Solutions enables the archiving of produced reports together with the feedbacks received from the tax authorities, as well as the production of the corrective reports due for FATCA and CRS purposes.
"In conjunction with our subsidiary in Zurich (Deloitte Tax Reporting Services AG), we are now able to allow financial institutions in Luxembourg, France, Switzerland, and Monaco to benefit from complete packages which enable their customers to receive detailed, reliable fiscal reports while strengthening the range of services offered by the institutions. In this way, financial players can significantly absorb the costs of regulatory reporting," says Pascal Eber, Partner Deloitte Luxembourg.