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Deloitte Tax Reporting Services

Deloitte Tax Reporting Services (DTRS) is an independent subsidiary owned by Deloitte Luxembourg and operating in Switzerland with offices located in Zurich and Lausanne. The company was established in November 2012 and is specialized in Client Tax Reporting (CTR) Services and Tax Reclaim Services for international clients. Since its inception, DTRS has experienced continuous growth in terms of clients, employees and jurisdictions covered. We currently have twenty-five employees, including tax operation experts as well as young graduates with various backgrounds, mainly in Business, Tax, Finance, and IT.

Recent developments in the regulatory and economic environment, such as Automatic Exchange of Information (AEOI), have highlighted the importance for financial institutions to help their clients fulfill their Tax Reporting obligations. The demand for high-quality tax reports has increased rapidly over the years, leading financial institutions to outsource this activity to external specialists such as DTRS.

We provide solutions for some of the key tax reporting challenges that banks face:

  • Difficulty to maintain up-to-date knowledge of tax reporting requirements across multiple jurisdictions and to and to update and maintain the CTR calculation engine.
  • Limited readiness and flexibility of banks’ IT systems and in-house tax reporting applications to incorporate new tax requirements.
  • Significant investment requirements (cost, time, expertise) to build and maintain automated CTR engines for multiple jurisdictions.
  • Management of ad-hoc tax reporting requests due to fiscal amnesties or self-declarations / spontaneous regularization demands of Private Banking clients.

We provide Client Tax Reporting (CTR), Tax Simulation and Tax Reclaim services as our core business, as well as Funds Reporting through the Deloitte network. As a specialist, we are able to provide a cutting-edge business process outsourcing end-to-end solution that is automated and customizable to adapt to client requirements. Our CTR platform currently covers 26 jurisdictions and serves more than 30 financial institutions in Switzerland. Our services are delivered to clients in Switzerland, but are also available for international clients worldwide.

We offer a project-driven approach, from data extraction and data requirement preparation to CTR delivery, where we endorse full responsibility. Our strong experience with various core-banking packages, such as Finnova, Avaloq and other in-house systems, gives us more flexibility in data processing assessments, including implementing, testing, developing and maintaining data interface. Once we reach that step, the calculation of the reports starts according to the specific jurisdiction chosen by the bank. A balance reconciliation and a data correction procedure is undertaken with the cooperation of the bank to clean up the data. After all issues have been resolved, the CTR delivery takes place.

Overall, our clients’ aim is to outsource as many tasks and activities linked to the CTR production process as possible.

As security is one of our priorities, we are proud to be certified ISO/IEC 27001:2013. This certification demonstrates our commitment to ensure the highest standard in terms of data privacy and data confidentiality for our clients.

  • Cost reduction: We provide economies of scale by automating the process. Our solution is automated and customizable.
  • Risk transfer: From data extraction to meeting hard deadlines, we fully endorse the responsibility regarding data privacy, data protection and report delivery.
  • Flexibility: We propose a flexible solution that can adapt to a fast-moving regulatory environment over several jurisdictions – a key element in this unique industry.
  • Efficiency: We ensure high quality, compliant and timely report delivery.
  • Expertise: Our worldwide network of experienced professionals and tax specialists allow us to support our clients with extensive possibilities.
  • Dedication: We have established a strong and sustainable relationship with our clients, another proof of our long-lasting commitment to reach an exceptional client satisfaction.

By outsourcing this service to us, you can provide your customers with a high quality and country-specific CTR solution for over 30 countries, combined with Tax Reclaim Services.

Our service offering can be tailored to your needs and we would be delighted to discuss your specific requirements.