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Corporate Secretarial Services

Specialist in outsourced corporate secretarial services

In our globalized economy, organizations tend to be present in multiple jurisdictions as part of their global growth strategy. Every jurisdiction operates within their own specific legal framework and it is essential for clients to fully understand the rules and regulations that apply in each location, and keep up-to-date with statutory changes to make sure the companies they manage are compliant in all aspects. Our corporate secretarial team can guide clients through the challenges and changes they face, ease the company’s administrative burden by following the company throughout its life cycle, making sure no compliance steps are missed along the way.

Our team offers professional services relating to the establishment, maintenance, administration, and liquidation of entities.

Meetings By Deloitte

A digital board portal connecting you to Deloitte.

What is Meetings By Deloitte?

Our corporate secretarial digital tool, Meetings By Deloitte, combined with specialized support, is a holistic set of services that provides you with a hassle-free experience. It helps you structure, run and follow-up on your board and shareholders meetings more simply and efficiently.

It is the perfect blend of expert advice and technology—a single comprehensive digital solution for your corporate secretarial needs.

Meetings By Deloitte is a one-stop-shop that can be easily and rapidly customized to meet your organization’s requirements, putting you at the core of our approach.

  • Communicate efficiently with all stakeholders
  • Direct access to all your scheduled meetings and historical data
  • Easy to use, whenever you need it and wherever you are
  • Simple and intuitive navigation

Meetings By Deloitte covers the entire corporate secretarial value chain, allowing you to focus your resources on higher priority areas.

Keep track of all your scheduled meetings.
The dashboard provides a one-shot overview of all your upcoming meetings.

Meet in person or online, capture discussions and vote on decisions electronically in real-time, and generate minutes for comments and approvals and publish them for completion.

Initiate and monitor action items, set deadlines and assign action points to owners to properly track the status of follow-up items by priority.

Manage different meeting groups with different members such as board of managers, supervisory boards, investment committees or similar.

Provide ongoing and secure access to records and materials by creating and sharing folders and subfolders with different users anytime, anywhere.

Deloitte simplifies your business by providing you with one single point of contact for all your corporate secretarial needs.