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Reporting, compliance & assurance

Communicating on your sustainable management strategy

Towards a more objective communication of companies’ sustainable management results.

Reporting, compliance & assurance

Today, companies are subject to extensive monitoring and those at the forefront have understood the necessity of informing shareholders and other stakeholders of the results of their sustainable strategy. It has become important for Boards of Directors and Management to also monitor the non-financial aspects of the company’s performance.

The advantages of proactive corporate responsibility specifically include staff motivation, attracting and retaining talent, improving management systems and raising awareness and management of risks. Other advantages of a responsible and ethical process for the company are that it encourages support for innovation, improves reputation through transparency and builds shareholder loyalty in the long-term, which means that favourable financing conditions are possible.

Over and above the risks and opportunities identified, the challenge is to define a line of behaviour and then to develop an appropriate corporate responsibility strategy along with a reliable and solid reporting system.


How can Deloitte help you?

Deloitte can support you throughout your sustainable management process, from the strategic vision to the information presented to your stakeholders.

In this way, Deloitte will help you to build up your sustainable management process gradually, relying on the various levels of detail and sophistication of the reports currently offered by international structures such as the ‘Global Reporting Initiative™ (GRI).’

In addition, Deloitte can validate the quality of the information and the approach adopted to draft your activity reports concerning sustainable and responsible management.

Deloitte developed a structured methodology covering the measurement and communication of progress made by your sustainable management strategy. As such, Deloitte can help you to make quick progress in your sustainable management process and to turn the risks linked to social and environmental impacts into the opportunity to be a forerunner in the successful integration of ecological and societal challenges to your strategy.

By choosing Deloitte, you will benefit from support from professionals who have in-depth experience of your area of business and can thus provide you with relevant indications and practical advice. Our multi-disciplinary approach enables us to deal with a variety of sustainable management assignments. Deloitte specialists use the very latest methodologies as well as automated tools and processes to analyse your organisation more effectively.

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