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Privacy & data protection

Enterprises today face a multitude of challenges related to the privacy and protection of consumer, employee and partner data.

Globalisation of data, centralised technology architectures, outsourcing, off-shoring, national trade issues, regulatory and contractual requirements all continue to influence the corporate use of personal data. Organisations should recognise that personal data is an increasingly valuable and complex asset requiring strategic decisions to effectively meet both the challenges and opportunities in the emerging global information economy.

How Deloitte can help?

Deloitte can help organisations enhance privacy and data protection processes and solutions to reduce risk exposure and strengthen compliance, including help in the following areas:

  • Requirements rationalisation – Rationalising privacy and data protection requirements provides a key step in providing a starting point for privacy and data protection activities
  • Risk Analysis & Gap Identification – Identification of high risk exposures to determine potential gaps related to privacy
  • Data Protection & Privacy Programs – Design, develop, and implement data protection and privacy programs by rationalising privacy and data protection requirements and evaluating data protection technology