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Quantitative Finance Master Classes

Moving towards a Deloitte Quantitative Center of Excellence

The Deloitte Quantitave Master Classes are designed to focus on practical and real-life applications of the most relevant numerical, statistical and quantitative techniques. Our experienced specialists facilitate small group sessions to maximize interactions and foster knowledge transfer.

Check out the calendar of our available sessions and the topics which can be discussed with you. All the classes are available on demand, each of them can be customized as online or in-house training according to your needs (full-day onsite session fee: €1,625).

Multiple registration discount & group discounts

Register at one time for two or more classes to receive a 10% discount on each additional course (first course at full price with a 10% discount on each additional classes).
Groups of three or more participants from the same company attending a class together are eligible for a 10% group discount (cumulative with multiple registration discount).

In case of questions, do not hesitate to contact our DQMC Team.

2024 Calendar

Testimonials of previous participants