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Cyber Resilience

Cyber Risk

Responding quickly and accurately to cyber incidents and so that their impact is minimised is crucial for the continuity of your organisation. We can help you do so by combining proven proactive and reactive incident management processes with technologies to rapidly react to cyber disruptions.

Your challenge

In today’s world, it has become more likely that an attack can penetrate your organisation’s defenses and security controls. When this happens, it is essential for the continuity and reputation of your organisation that your respond is fast, thorough and decisive. It’s not a question if it will happen but rather when a cyber attack will happen.

If you want to be confident in your ability to respond effectively to threats and incidents, you should regularly test your defense plans and your incident and crisis-management response framework. 

Our solution

Our services can help your organisation develop an actionable plan to proactively manage cyber incidents, to respond and recover from cyber crises and to resume operations more quickly, thereby limiting damage to the business.

Our Cyber Resilience offers include:

  • Business Continuity Management
    Assist in organisation resilience by designing, implementing, maintaining and testing business continuity plans
  • Incident Response & Forensics
    Defending against and limit the impact of a cyber attack through readiness assessment and supporting response to security incidents, including computer forensics
  • Cyber Incident Response 
    We can help you improve your cyber response capabilities, by establishing a high level of readiness through preparation, training and simulation. We provide real-time, on-site and 24/7 support for a cyber incident or crisis that could harm strategic objectives, revenue, reputation or viability.
  • Cyber Wargaming 
    In our portfolio of services, we have an environment that we created in which your teams can simulate incidents and crises, allowing them to develop coordinated responses and identify areas that need improvement in order to prepare for real-world threats.