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2024 Regulatory Map

The perspective you need to plan for regulatory shifts in the EU & Luxembourg

Regulations impacting the financial services industry continue to evolve with remarkable frequency. Failing to keep up with these shifts in a timely manner implies significant risks, some of which include hefty fines. But it also means you miss the opportunity to respond to regulatory change in a way that could differentiate you from the rest.

See what’s on the horizon with our 2024 Regulatory Map

First created by our Regulatory Watch team in 2019, this sixth edition gives you a forward-focused overview of the key regulations impacting the banking, insurance, investment management and alternative industries.

With this map and our 2024 Regulatory Compass, you won’t just have the perspective and information you need to start navigating your industry’s upcoming challenges more effectively—you will discover a world of opportunity.

All you need to know at a glance:

  • Comprehensive outlook spanning 2024, 2025 and 2026
  • Updates on existing regulations
  • Addition of new regulations
  • Key regulatory priorities identified per industry
  • Highlighted dates for known and expected entries into force/application

Interested in a printed version for your office wall? Please feel to request one from one of our dedicated specialists listed in our 2024 Regulatory Compass.

Discover our Luxembourg Regulatory Center

The right guide can make regulatory change a differentiator that drives you forward.

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