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uComply is not just software—it is also a service that addresses financial institutions’ identification requirements for specific risk assessment and sanctions/politically exposed persons (PEP), taking into account essential factors such as confidentiality, time-to-compliance and cost-efficiency ratio. Traditional solutions require complex implementation projects and ongoing maintenance, generating a total cost of ownership that is not sustainable for every company.

uComply provides access to leading technology from FircoSoft and content from Dow Jones that is operated on our client’s premises but maintained by Deloitte (e.g., watchlist update management, the release of new features, support, and training). With uComply, there are no hidden costs (such as data adaptation/cleansing costs) and implementation is included in the service fees. The service is designed to be installed in a very short time-frame and operated by non-IT staff.

Deloitte’s uComply solution tackles one of the biggest compliance challenges regarding the continuous identification of sanctioned entities (European Union, United Nations, Office of Foreign Assets Control, national programs, etc.) and PEP among business relationships. Organizations can sometimes perceive their level of regulatory risk as limited and make decreasing their compliance costs a priority. Or this obligation is performed manually, for example, by using “control-find” queries on business relationship records. This setup can create the following gaps:

  • Control weaknesses, as strict matching provides low comfort on control efficiency
  • Poor evidence that the control is effective and recurrent
  • Cost of manual processing is often underestimated or unknown

Some of the main benefits of using uComply for name screening include:

  • User-friendly and automated screening and risk assessment solution
    > Leading name matching technology
    > Sanctions and PEP watchlist from a leading provider (Dow Jones)
    > End-to-end workflow, from watchlists management to decisions on alerts
    > Specific business rules and reuse of past decisions to lower review workload
    > Enhanced and customizable risk scoring module
    > Robust case management, audit trail and reporting features
    > Transliteration capabilities—i.e., the ability to match strings from several alphabets
    > Multi-team (i.e., the four-eyes principle) and multi-user enabled

  • Access to the Dow Jones risk and compliance platform
    > Unlimited “Google-like” queries on real-time refreshed content

  • Strict confidentiality: your data never goes outside your walls
    > uComply is installed and operated on your premises

  • Local compliance with private and/or custom blacklists
    > For example, local justice list, internal blacklist, etc.

  • Reduced time to compliance: service is implemented and fine-tuned in a very short time-frame
    > No expensive hardware investment, no implementation project, no internal watchlist management

  • Support 5 days a week, from Monday to Friday, during business hours

  • uComply, including all features, local implementation and support, is available for a fixed yearly fee depending on the volume of direct and indirect counterparties under recurrent screening.