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Solvent liquidation of unregulated entities

If shareholders or a holding company no longer require a structure, they will often place it into solvent liquidation. If so, their main objectives will be to:

  • Group simplification – eliminating dormant legal entities to achieve a more cost-efficient company structure;
  • Realize the assets of the company;
  • Resolve all outstanding matters of the company, including the settlement of claims of all creditors;
  • Distribute the excess assets to the stakeholders.
  • Cost savings in term of accounting, tax returns, audit
  • Recognizing and avoiding corporate memory loss, the loss or lack of transfer of knowledge within an organization caused by departing senior executives;
  • Reducing the number of directorships held personally


Your benefit with Deloitte

Our team can assist in all stages of the solvent liquidation process. We regularly act as liquidators of solvent companies initiating and finalising liquidations in a timely and appropriate manner.

  • Benefit from our professional liquidation desk
  • Achieve rapid payouts to investors
  • Recover debts
  • Conduct account and book closures
  • Accelerate the process through efficient organisation
  • File tax returns and tax reclaims
  • Optimize return on divested assets
  • Divestment of illiquid and complex assets
  • Manage creditors demand
  • Control costs and free management time
  • Manage ongoing litigation