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Corporate Intelligence Services

Helping clients make critical decisions with confidence

In today’s globalized world, companies have a wide range of stakeholders. Whether they are clients, suppliers, or corporate partners, it is critical to know with whom you are doing business, and which risks are associated with these counterparties. Assessing your exposure to risk is key: it is the first step before being able to mitigate potential negative consequences (e.g. reputational impacts, financial losses, sanctions, fines).

Deloitte’s Corporate Intelligence Services (CIS) team conducts background investigations on entities and individuals related to prospective corporate transactions, third-party relationships, investments, internal investigations, and corporate disputes. Cross-referencing a diverse portfolio of online and manual data points and leveraging Deloitte’s Open Source Intelligence methodology and techniques, our CIS investigators collaborate with multi-national institutions and organisations to help them identify and mitigate risks and make critical decisions with confidence.