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The Art and Collectibles Market

Report 2018

This publication has the aim of assembling different contributions that have a main goal in common: to help the collectors and their consultants, professional investors or simply the fellow art lovers to navigate through the different data related to the market and to converge in a shared angle.

Today, the Art and Collectibles Market is in need of analytical and managerial tools increasingly precise, able to cover the lack of standards and uniform regulations.

The first section of the report, with the title Collectors, Industry Players and Wealth Management, presents the main results and trends emerged in the Art & Finance Report of Deloitte and ArtTactic, with a focus on the fiscal aspect of the market.

The second section, the Art and Collectibles Market – Report 2017, by Pietro Ripa and Roberta Ghilardi, presents investment indexes useful in order to guide the people interested in buying decisions, with insights on the trends of the main global market places and on the compartments of minor arts. It follows a section on Classic Cars, from the report on the market by Academy, that contributes to enrich the previous analyses presenting the results of a segment that has increasing success globally.

In the end of the publication you will find interviews with insights from Industry Players and experts, that have contributed to corroborate and validate with their precious experience the results reported.

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