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Value Based Management

Lets create more value for your business

Whether you want to increase the profitability of your activities, improve your client service, mitigate your risk and/or reduce your costs, the Value Based Management team can help you. How so? By reviewing all your processes, by updating your missions and responsibilities, by animating your teams around key indicators, and of course by implementing a strong change management. All these ways of improvement have to be implemented with your teams in the field.

We only have one target: to REACH YOURS and we are ready to commit by linking our fees by up to 50 percent!

For Value Based Management for the construction sector click here.

What is Value Based Management?

Main differentiators

Value Based Management services offer a generalist, multi-sector (private/ public), multi-industry (industrial production, business services, personal services, financial services, etc.) and multi-services (production, planning, HR, accounting, maintenance, etc.) approach.

The starting point of our approach is your field reality. In order to provide tailor-made answers to your problems, we do not start from theoretical processes or procedures, but from your field reality.

Our targets

Our practical approach

Value Based Management experts will use their expertise at the heart of your company, working hand-in-hand with your employees, using a participatory approach in the field, with your teams. We will help you by:

  • Giving you a complete review of your internal and external processes
  • Provide you with a specific review and analysis of the roles and responsibilities within your teams
  • Use ad hoc methodologies like lean, BPM, Apics, TPM, changement management, and many more
  • Helping you with the definition, design, and deployment of IT tools, set-up of dashboard and animation of management around the indicators
  • Assist you with change management

Approach overview

Scan - Identify earnings potential and quantifying our level of commitment to the results

  • Understand the specificities of your business and the ways of working within your team
  • Analyze the existing situation and the potential for improvement (quantitative and qualitative) in order to structure an action plan and calculate a return on investment (payback)
  • Obtain buy-in from your teams (listening via a bottom-up approach) in order to initiate the change management approach
  • Interviews, workshops and field observation with your teams
  • Data analysis and quantitative records of your operational and financial data
  • If possible, implementation of some quick wins
  • Between 4 and 10 weeks
  • Restitution of findings and analyzes
  • Action Plan with potential gains

Implement - Implement actions to achieve results

  • Implementing the Action Plan
  • Achieving the common objectives that we have committed to
  • Most of the time, it will be a matter of moving from field management of "task-oriented" teams to "results-oriented" management
  • A strong change management by our project teams via a "coach & learn" animation approach
  • A project team involved and integrated on a daily basis within your operational teams
  • Operational indicators / KPI's to fine-tune the activity and measure the achievement of results
  • "Standard" methodologies used in "toolbox" mode (Lean, 6σ, TPM, APICS, ...)
  • Precise technical expertise available according to your needs and those of the project
  • IT support for the implementation of specific indicators and developments
    • Between 6 and 24 months
    • Action plan implemented and sustained
    • Results achieved and guaranteed by packaging fees to these results (up to 50%)

    Monitor - Ensure sustainability of the results

    • Ensure the maintenance of new working habits over time
    • Continue earnings recurring
    • Targeted follow-up on the critical points of the actions implemented during the project
    • Accurate reports of the state of maintenance and evolution
    • Sharing meetings to define corrective actions to be taken by your teams
    • To be defined (between 0 and 24 months)
    • Follow-up reports
    • Corrective actions validated together