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Robotic Process Automation

Accomplishing Operational Process Efficiency

Deloitte’s robotic process automation (RPA) solution helps organisations to improve the effectiveness of their business, by automating and optimizing the operational processes.

Defining Robotic Process Automation

Robotic process automation software enables organisations to fully automate repeatable, manual, rules based tasks typically located within a shared services centres or other parts of the back office. RPA robots perform routine processes by mimicking the actions a human would perform when interacting with the applications, with a reduced footprint on existing IT systems.

Robotic process automation improves operational processes through increasing capacity and improving efficiency, by deploying a “virtual workforce” with numerous advantages:

  • All year round availability
  • Adjustability and scalability
  • Improved data reliability and accuracy
  • Lower operating costs via quicker execution time
  • Traceable security and compliance
  • Relocation of employees to higher value activities

Furthermore, use of robots allow organisations to achieve these significant benefits rapidly and without extensive investments, making the service more attractive than traditional solutions such as IT system transformation or outsourcing.

Why Deloitte


As an industry and technology expert, Deloitte understands the importance of operational efficiency. Our Process Automation offering identifies business processes pain points, develops a prototype, defines a roadmap and plans for the implementation of such transformations.

With wide range of successful Robotic Process Automation implementations done in partnership with the main RPA software vendor, Deloitte actively meet clients’ needs with one-to-one solutions aiming to get the best from process automation.