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Regulatory, compliance & fund registration

The investment fund industry is facing a highly complex regulatory environment. Within the cross-border distribution world, mutual funds have to cope with a vast number of existing laws, rules and regulations at the level of the European Union, their home domicile as well as the targeted countries.

Deloitte can help you master the high complexity of requirements in such a multi-jurisdictional environment.

Regulatory compliance and fund registration challenges

UCITS IV has provided an improved time to market, but KIID administration still proves difficult for some. For those managers with non-UCITS, they should follow-closely the developments in and around AIFMD in order to market within the rules and capture opportunities.

At a broader scale, players need to keep up-to-date with EU developments in areas like AIFMD, UCITS V and VI, MiFID, EMIR, AML, and regulations from outside Europe such as FATCA, Volker Act and the Hong Kong Code on Mutual Funds.

Our regulatory, compliance & fund registration services

Investment funds regulatory environment

Find below a synthesis of the regulatory framework impacting investment fund industry: