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Deloitte’s Kaleidoscope Regulatory Watch solution

Stay ahead of compliance challenges

The constant flow of laws and regulatory texts turn business compliance and corporate governance into a complex exercise. Financial firms have to relentlessly look for new ways to carry out operations and manage risks to stay afloat.

Deloitte’s Kaleidoscope platform and Regulatory Watch alert service enable you to anticipate compliance challenges and transform regulatory obligations into opportunities.

And importantly, it helps you foresee these changes with ample time to ensure comply with important laws and stay ahead in developing your business strategy with clear regulatory priorities.

A multi-faceted approach built for you

Why third-party regulatory watch?

If you’ve ever asked yourself these questions, our solution might be just what you need to navigate the regulatory landscape:

  • A structured, independent and neutral informant will help clear your path, set priorities and efficiently centralize and share information across various regulatory topics and geographies.
  • We can help you proactively identify regulatory challenges and provide direct support to your senior management.
  • Deloitte’s Regulatory Watch team has full time staff, exclusively dedicated to tracking regulatory change. With us, you get a personalized point of contact and tap into the wide-ranging Deloitte network of 300,000+ experts worldwide
  • Deloitte’s Regulatory Watch tracking crucial regulatory sources daily and filters updates to you based on relevance for your organization.
  • We provide highly customized deliverables according to your preference (Kaleidoscope online platform, monthly regulatory reports, watchlists, etc.) and/or via live exchanges between our experts and your staff.
  • Internal compliance teams face intense workloads and must constantly make opportunity cost calculations. By outsourcing regulatory change activities, our clients significantly improve their internal management of information to better cope, prioritize and expediently channel relevant information across departments impacted by regulatory change: tax, IT, market, products, services, trade or post trade, prudential and risk management, and more.
  • Our fixed pricing model, independent of number of users, makes it easy for you to budget. Combined with an improved capacity to plan for regulatory evolutions, you will avoid unnecessary last-minute spikes in activity – and expenses –to reach regulatory deadlines.
  • Many of our clients develop long-standing partnerships with us which fosters trust and allows us to get close to their teams, internal regulatory projects and priorities.
  • Outsourcing of regulatory monitoring is a resilient way to manage internal staff turnover. We ensure continuity of service to minimize disruptive effects for your organization and internal projects in times of staff change.
  • You tap into opportunities and insights coming from the global Deloitte network, which invests in key regulatory initiatives to offer our clients prime access to regulatory information.

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