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The Lab - Building eminence through innovation

In a world in which technology is everywhere and innovation is a key to success, Deloitte Luxembourg has set up the Lab, an innovation team with the mission to explore innovative technologies and develop proof-of-concepts to show case disruptive ideas using cutting-edge software development techniques.


The Lab’s team is composed of passionate developers, CX/UX designers and subject matter experts, who collaborate closely with other initiatives both at local, EMEA and global level, in order to explore innovative technologies such as blockchain, Robotic Process Automation, Robotic Cognitive Automation, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence (among others) and apply them to different industries. The DLab also implements and tests new software development methodologies such as Agile, DevOps, test driven development (among others).

What we do

The Lab allows for fast and iterative application of new technologies as well as a thorough exploration of how they impact your business and operating models. We bring a proven process and capability for solid experimentation and rapid, iterative prototyping with demos. Our cross-functional agile team develop proof-of-concepts (PoCs) and mature them into fully-developed solutions, using our portfolio of prebuilt assets and development kits.

Our creations

ArtTracktive is a platform developed to solve traceability issues in art by recording interactions between all parties on a blockchain. Parties interact with the blockhain through a web application in order to record their actions : from the introduction of the piece of art, certification, lease or sale, shipping, and customs clearing.

This proof-of-concept was built on Ethereum (blockchain), mongoDB, meteorJS and HTML/CSS.

(released in May 2016)

In the context of EMIR, MiFIR, and SFTR regulations, Deloitte developed a blockchain platform that supports financial institutions in doing their regulatory transaction reporting. The platform improves the quality and transparency of the reported transaction data.

This proof-of-concept was built on Ethereum (blockchain), mongoDB, meteorJS and HTML/CSS.

(released in September 2016)

In order to improve the customer on-boarding process, we applied blockchain technology to support the KYC procedure through the usage of digital identity. Thanks to blockchain, users receive a token representing their identity after completing a traditional KYC check, which may be reused when other KYC checks are required.

This proof-of-concept was built on Ethereum (blockchain), mongoDB, nodeJS and AngularJS.

(released in September 2017)

The Avaloq POC is a robo- advisor allowing a user to define his personal investment plan from predefine goals. The robo providese autonomous goal-based investment advice.

This proof-of-concept was built on AngularJS using Avaloq API and Ortec API.

(released in June 2017)

Develop a solution using AI that enables to seize the opportunities of MiFID Directive while providing a great user experience. Accessible via your web banking application, Adele is a chatbot that deals with MiFID questionnaire. She processes a conversation to collect data using AI and Natural Language Processing.

This proof-of-concept was built on Watson Conversation service, nodeJS.

(released in September 2017)


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