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Welcome to the Advisory & Consulting Digital Factory

Tech-enabled Operate services

Today’s world is digital. With all the challenges digitalization brings, it is crucial to grab the opportunities it offers. The future success of organizations relies on state-of-the-art digital technologies as well as people who lead and support their creation. At Deloitte Luxembourg, we embrace both with our Digital Factory, providing a strong and modern technology layer that helps our specialists deliver excellence to you.

A strong legacy

Since ever, we have served our clients with a wide range of managed services of outstanding quality, from fund and tax reporting to the development of cross-border distribution strategies to name but a few. To ensure we can respond to our clients’ needs in the most efficient and innovative way, our business specialists can rely on our internal powerhouse: the Advisory & Consulting Digital Factory.

Concentrating experience and expertise

Our Advisory & Consulting Digital Factory distills the expertise we have gathered over 15 years of digital transformation projects. Our agile teams are a balanced mix of business professionals and technology specialists that create digital assets and solutions through industrialized processes and tools—with the ultimate goal of enhancing the quality and efficiency of the services we deliver to you.

Our factory is based on three pillars

Even in a digital world, our number one asset remains our talented colleagues.

The Digital Factory is a safe environment where people with a variety of profiles, skill sets, expertise, and backgrounds meet to create solutions that are second to none. For every project, we have the right specialist at the right place and time!

We apply the proven “imagine—deliver—run” approach.

By collaborating closely with our DLab, innovation hubs and the Garage, we always have the right team of creative and efficient people on board to quickly propose paths to follow and transform ideas into proofs of concept (POCs).

We adopt frameworks such as Scrum or Kanban to break down and structure the delivery of our projects. Our main mission is to deliver quickly, adjust fast, and have our clients gain business value in the shortest timeframe. This is the minimum viable product (MVP) approach. Through incremental and iterative deliveries, the solution moves from MVP to a solid and robust technological asset.

Our digital accelerators directly collaborate with business professionals that use our solutions, providing our clients with best-in-class services and no downtime.

We offer the right set of tools and top-notch technology for each step of our streamlined delivery model.

Modern development frameworks and dynamic project delivery accelerators are coupled with strong DevOps expertise—our recipe for getting the job done with excellence!

The Digital Factory is more than a standard set of tools, services, data and processes. It connects relevant resources and capabilities in a streamlined way that enables us to enhance the quality and efficiency of the services we deliver.

Our teams are constantly revisiting the way they work and deliver their projects, with technology offering an ever-evolving variety of frameworks and accelerators. Building technological solutions is a green field for our teams, where they can explore, adopt, and make efficient use of exciting tools, including:

  • Robotic process automation (RPA)
  • Artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Tools to design and prototype POC and MVP applications
  • API/Web services Connectors
  • Modern development frameworks for BA, DEV, QA, DevOps
  • Data normalization, centralization, enrichment and use for reporting and analytics

We harness the power of technology not only for data collection and processing, but also to provide a variety of solutions to our clients that allows them to have full control and oversight of the services they have entrusted to us.

What are the key benefits?

For our clients


Our clients can be assured that the services entrusted to our business specialists are supported by a strong, reliable, modern, and continuously evolving technological layer.

The Digital Factory is the essential link between Deloitte Luxembourg’s service delivery team and the best digital accelerators that ensure a state-of-the-art experience.

From the collection of data to regulatory, fiscal, financial, and risk reporting, we offer invincible delivery methods that provide excellence regardless of the project’s size or complexity. In embracing market challenges and changes, we never compromise on quality and place a high focus on efficiency.

For our teams

We want to be a great match for both our clients and our talent.

The Digital Factory is actively supported by the firm’s management and strives to constantly deliver and readjust its vision of the essential place technology holds for the future of diamond-grade services to its clients.

A driving principle is that our teams are proud of what they deliver by cultivating a sense of entrepreneurship and ownership. They are part of the business and part of the success and satisfaction of our clients.

We provide an environment where people are excited about what they do, because we are convinced this boosts motivation and fosters an innovative spirit.

Interested in joining us or learning more? Reach out to one of our specialists below or check out our job offers here.

"The Digital Factory is more than a standard set of tools, services, data and processes. It connects relevant resources and capabilities in a streamlined way that enables us to enhance the quality and efficiency of the services we deliver."