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Deloitte Digital business obstacle: Digital Policy

How can I use the constantly evolving digital environment to my organization's advantage?

Key facts and trends

The digital economy is disrupting our markets in many different ways: on the one side, the so-called “network effects” are promoting concentration on the digital services market. On the other side, new entrants can now challenge more easily and faster the traditional service providers. These new entrants bring new business models and they are making use of the opportunities created by both new technologies and loops in the current legislation. The importance of not losing the momentum is key, from all point of views: from regulators to our start-ups with potential for exponential growth, banking and insurance industry, TMT service providers, consumer goods manufacturers and a long-list encompassing all relevant economic sectors. The new rules of the game are being redefined right now and each company has to make sure that it stays at the top of the wave.


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