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CIO advisory services

Designing and building a high-performing IT organisation might be challenging, but Deloitte can help you achieve it and run IT as a business.

High-performing IT is a strategic imperative in today’s marketplace, with most companies and organisations looking to IT to support and enable their business growth agenda. It is true that the current market conditions are creating a demanding set of challenges for IT and CIOs are increasingly being asked to:

  • Do more with less - deliver new or better capabilities to the business faster
  • Enhance IT quality - provide an ever more reliable service, with early identification or prevention of issues, and robust solutions to diverse business needs
  • Improve customer satisfaction - improve the responsiveness and quality of service from IT
  • Support the business strategy - ensure alignment of IT initiatives to the business and an IT structure that maximises business value
  • Deliver change - respond effectively to change drivers such as market pressures or opportunities, regulatory demands, cost reduction pressures, or reorganisation due to mergers or acquisitions

For many CIOs there is now an opportunity to help nurture growth where there is a genuine business value to be gained.Doing the right thing is going to mean more tough decisions, but decisions that will lay the foundation for future growth in IT.

The end-to-end capabilities of our CIO Advisory Services practice covers the range of CIO challenges, from defining IT strategy and managing the business/system architecture to measuring and maximising IT value and performance.

Our CIO Advisory Services

We provide the following services:

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