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Aligning organisation to strategic goals and change

Managing change, fostering cohesion and motivation are key components of a successful human resources strategy. In order to help our clients deal with those issues, we have developed business consulting services with proprietary tools called As One™ and CulturePrint™.

Strategic change

Today, leading business is leading change. Change comes to organisations in various forms: merger, acquisition, new leadership, technology implementation, organisational restructuring, regulatory compliance, etc.

The more an organisation is able to respond to change in a consistent, strategic and integrated way, the brighter is its future.

Achieving successful change is hard and complex: organisational change initiatives return on average less than 70% of their expected value. These results are a consequence of a 'monochromatic' perspective on change, applying a singular approach in the hope to catch everybody’s attention.

Our services in this area include:

  • Diagnosis of the level of integration and sense of common purpose across different entities
  • Strategy articulation review, culture assessment and employees’ surveys
  • Leadership and stakeholders alignment to common strategic objectives
  • Change impact and readiness assessment
  • Design of behavioural blueprint
  • Definition and implementation of engagement and communications strategies and methods
  • Definition and implementation of change strategies and action plans

As One

Deloitte has developed a service enabling organisations to operate 'as one' rather than 'as many', thereby creating a sense of belonging and shared commitment and having a common interpretation of business goals. We believe that successful implementation of business strategy requires that organisations have the right structures and collective behaviours in place.

The As One diagnostic measures three factors at all levels of an organisation thus helping the leadership to make targeted interventions that enhance the group’s performance.

We use As One tool to design target interventions around our strategic change approach and to tailor the 'people' approaches as needed across the organisation. 

Organisational design: aligning structures with strategic goals

Organisational design is the process of reviewing an organisation’s structures and roles to achieve effective strategy execution.

To help you set up the right structures, we provide assistance through the following activities:

  • Design and implementation of streamlined processes, based on leading market practices, in order to improve productivity and service quality
  • Definition and review of job/benchmark role descriptions – in particular, main accountabilities, technical and behavioural competencies and key performance indicators related to the positions
  • Development of job evaluation models and alignment with rewards system – taking into account the industry, corporate and functional specificities