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The Italian Alternative Investment Market

Key market trends in private equity, private debt, and real estate

Italian Business Community at Deloitte Luxembourg aims to provide assistance and information to Italian players who are currently operating or are planning to explore opportunities in Luxembourg, as well as to foreign investors who are interested in the Italian markets and need a toolkit to understand its main characteristics.

In 2021, Deloitte Luxembourg in collaboration with Deloitte Italy and JEME Bocconi Studenti, the Junior Enterprise of Bocconi University analyzed alternative asset classes in Italy, focusing on the private equity, private debt and real estate. It also evaluates each asset class in light of the increasing influences of ESG investing, technological change, and the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since 2010, the rise in global assets under management (AuM) across alternative investments has vastly outpaced gross domestic product (GDP) growth, reaching EUR9.64 trillion globally in June 2020. This shift towards alternative asset classes was triggered by the low-interest-rate environment, driving investors to seek other opportunities for above-average returns. Assuming this low-interest environment will persist for the foreseeable future, given the economic downturn and the structural changes to the socio-economic landscape, alternative asset classes will continue to attract new investors and an expanding amount of capital.

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