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Fostering diversity and inclusion at a European institution in Luxembourg

Moving from equality to equity

Project summary

The client is an equal opportunities employer according to the EU’s legal provisions. Their staff regulations prohibit any discrimination based on any ground, and considers full gender equality in working life to be essential. 

In addition to its equal opportunities objectives, the client is undertaking efforts to commit to and manage diversity and inclusion. Through these efforts, the client aims to develop a diverse working environment and an inclusive culture where everyone feels valued and can live up to their full potential in the workplace. 

The client was looking for Deloitte’s assistance to perform this strategic initiative.

Delivery approach

Our approach was a four-step methodology based on our experience and expertise.

  • Step one: we assessed the implementation and maturity status of all goals identified in the clients’ ongoing equal opportunities action plan.
  • Step two: we conducted a benchmark study of the client and four international organizations, to compare the measures they have taken to implement equal opportunities (EO) and foster diversity and inclusion (D&I).
  • Step three: we facilitated 10 workshops, 30 individual interviews and an all-staff survey to get feedback from staff on the client’s performance as an equal opportunities employer and to explore their needs for a future diversity and inclusion policy.
  • Step four: we reported the results of steps one, two and three to our clients. We also recommended potential initiatives to be included in the next equal opportunities action plan to promote gender equality and D&I.

Value delivered

  • Our leading HR expertise combined with our proven frameworks, methodologies, accelerators and tools allowed us to deliver an on-time, cost-effective and efficient project that provided value, mitigated risk, and was accepted throughout the organization.
  • Contributing to the project’s success was our extensive international project experience in D&I, along with a seasoned project team with concrete experience in organizational culture, notably from a diversity and inclusion and gender equality perspective.

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