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User testing of a new digital onboarding

Deloitte Digital case study: Retail Bank

Business Issue

The bank created a new concept of digital onboarding to implement in agency. Deloitte and client UX teams created a clickable high-fidelity prototype to be able to test it on customers and financial adviser.


The objectives of these testing sessions was to:

  • Graphically test the interface strengthen digital onboarding in an agency 
  • Analyze the different stages of the process (Adviser only - Collaboration – customer only) 

The test took place in several phases:

  • Presentation of the context 
  • Realization of the test scenario 
  • Debriefing on the problems encountered, improvement tracks and suggestions

Value delivered

  • Report on the usability of the prototype, the blocking points to fixe and improvements to plan 
  • We improved the prototype to deliver all the UI screens to developer

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