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Create a set of Personas for a Bank

Deloitte Digital case study: Universal Bank

Business Issue

The client is a financial institution located in Luxembourg. As part of their Transformation Program, the Bank wanted to accelerate and industrialize the definition of the customer journeys for all digitization projects. As a result the Bank wanted to have a library of personas representing their main clients in all the segments.


To determine who are the bank customers, our approach was based on several steps:

  • Analysis of Bank data, analytics and statistics between 2016 and 2019
  • Interviews with Stakeholders (e.g. RMs, Marketing, Product owners) to understand needs, goals and interactions between customers and the Bank
  • Prioritization of the most relevant segments to build the Bank customer archetypes 
  • Definition of customer archetypes (typical client group) used to cover the most relevant segments identified
  • Creation of a set of 10 different personas representing the customer segments

Value delivered

The use of these personas allows the Bank project teams to remain focus on potential users during the design and development of new journeys. The Personas have been integrated into a toolkit that will be used across the Bank and support marketing and innovation.

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