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Deloitte Digital case study: Retail Bank

Business Issue

The bank wanted to develop a new PFM feature in order to be able to categorized expenses and incomes. Amongst the targeted features, the categorization of spending is a complex topic. Which transactions should be grouped together? Based on what criteria?


To ensure that our answers fit the customers’ needs, we decided to directly involve them in the creation process by organizing two focus groups. We led a Card Sorting exercise to identify their habits toward spending management and categorization :

  • The participants were split in 2 teams of 4
  • They had to sort 60 transactions cards per categories they created and named
  • Each team explained its choices to the other team

Value delivered

  • We delivered a prioritized backlog with all the features ask by the users and recommendations on the categorization of expenses
  • We participate in the UX and UI delivery to provide the best user experience possible

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