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Insurance IFRS Factsheets

This series of factsheets, “Insights into Insurance IFRS,” are intended to explain the proposed Insurance IFRS changes from a global perspective and to help you understand the impact of the changes on your business.

From the impact on your data and systems right through to your investor relations strategy, Deloitte can help you to understand, implement and communicate the Insurance IFRS changes in your organisation.

What should insurers be doing now on Insurance IFRS?


Start early, start small, and keep it small.

Insurers would be prudent to:

  • Keep up to date with the market and the developing standard
  • Understand the market and their competitors’ view
  • Keep abreast of IASB announcements
  • Widen the knowledge base in their organizations
  • Deepen their knowledge of the impact on their key products and businesses
  • Start early, start small, keep it small
  • Think to the future and the projects they will need to start in 2014

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